Silent Coffee Grinder

Is it possible to make a silent coffee grinder?

My coffee grinder makes all sorts of noise. I can’t grind coffee unless it’s in the daytime. When I do grind, I can only grind a bag or two a day. What’s the solution near?

I believe the main problem centers around the housing for the grinding mechanism. This housing is insufficient when it comes to blocking out all of the noises that come with grinding. Replacing this housing with a soundproof version would take the dream of a silent coffee grinder and turn it into a reality.

I don’t understand why coffee grinders have to be so open. There’s no reason in my mind for a person to have to see all the inner workings of their grinder. I believe a solution would be to install a receptacle for the beans that could be closed and sealed from the outside. Current grinders expose the beans to the open air for no other reason than aesthetic beauty. Beans could just as easily be stored on the inside of the grinder.

I would love to start a Kickstarter campaign to make silent coffee grinders a reality. Considerable research would have to be done before any effort to be made to introduce this concept to the public. I’m interested in discussing this idea with companies that are currently in the business of manufacturing coffee grinders.

What purpose would a silent coffee grinder serve exactly? A silent coffee grinder would make it possible for people to grind coffee at all hours of the day. No longer will they have to worry about the deafening sounds of grinding. Their family members would be more OK with their coffee drinking if they didn’t have to deal with all the noise.

The fact that coffee beans more resemble rocks than something that could be ground work quietly doesn’t help matters. I am not about to operate under the delusion that we could somehow make coffee beans softer. That’s not the solution to the problem we should be looking for. Instead, we need to take a look at how we grind coffee and come up with a way to do it better. We can’t sit back and say “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Engineering a silent coffee grinder is not akin to finding a solution to a problem. It’s taking something that’s great and making it even greater.


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