One Gallon French Press

Why isn’t there such a thing as a 1 gallon French press?

That’s a question that’s been rattling around in my brain for the past week or so.

I know that it probably seems excessive tomorrow to want to drink a gallon or more of coffee at a time. You shouldn’t look at the overall size of the object as any indication that one person would be consuming but would go inside it. Instead, you should consider the possibilities that would come from having coffee brewed in such a large instrument.

I am well aware that it’s entirely possible to brew coffee in smaller amounts in a French press and then use that to fill up a gallon; however, that fails to live up to the current culture of instant gratification to which we all subscribe.

I realize that other brewing methods fail in brewing a gallon of coffee at a time. This article isn’t about those things. It’s about the fact that it’s impossible to find a French press that’s larger than 12 cups.

In my opinion, any mechanism can be changed to suit much more ambitious purposes. The design of the French press is rather simple when you think about it. Why can’t somebody take that design and make it larger? We live in a world where we all love coffee. Having a larger French press would make it possible for coffee shops to brew coffee using this method.

Keeping gallons of coffee fresh is easier said than done. That’s why somebody that would invest in a gallon French press would have to have multiple people who would drink that coffee with them. It’s unrealistic to think that one person could drink a gallon of coffee all by themselves. They could spread out their consumption over the course of a couple of days, but again the issue of freshness rises to the surface.

I would love to rig up my own version of a gallon French press. I’m not the most technically savvy person when it comes to building things. This is something I would like to explore in the future though. I have looked up methods to make your own French press. It’s not as difficult as you would think. The biggest issue seems to be having a filter and pressing apparatus big enough to be able to handle the amount of grounds that you would put in.

Regardless of the amount of work it would take to come up with a prototype, the end result would sure be interesting.


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