Cafe Don Pablo Review

Cafe Don Pablo was the one company that took me by surprise. I am not a person who’s easily surprised, so it’s impressive that they were able to pull off this feat. I found a lot of their products through Amazon and decided that I would reach out to them. They replied to my email quicker than I could have ever anticipated. I sent them my address, thinking that they were going to send me a little bit of coffee. I was shocked when I got a box filled with coffee in the mail.

I appreciate their generosity; however, I would like to take this time to state my policy for when I receive products. I have to approach my reviews this way because my project doesn’t have any funding. At some point in the future, I will figure out how to turn this into a moneymaker. I want to do it in a way that limits the disruption to my readers. That being said, the fact that I received a product doesn’t mean that I will surrender my objectivity. I will remain open and honest and maintain the utmost level of artistic integrity throughout.

Back to the review. I didn’t know where to begin from the moment I opened the box from Cafe Don Pablo. I pulled out their back of Italian espresso and it was impressive. As with any kind of coffee I find enjoyable, this bag of coffee came and went in a hurry. I moved on to all the other coffees they send me and that’s when the momentum came to a screeching halt. Their other coffees were alright. They lacked something on which I had a hard time putting my finger. I like to be impacted by the coffee I drink from the moment I pour it. This coffee did not deliver in this regard.

I would like to applaud Cafe Don Pablo for one thing though. They deliver quality coffee for an affordable price. It’s just not as bold and vibrant as I would like. There needs to be more Cafe Don Pablos out there though. Specialty coffee is not something that everyone can afford. Everyone should have a shot at having specialty coffee on their counter. This company gives them that opportunity. I could go for their Italian espresso. I am always down for more espresso especially if it’s as dark as the one from this company.


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