The Captain’s Coffee Review

The Captain’s Coffee is interesting because they make it a point to keep what they offer on their website fresh. They rotate products in and out on a regular basis, keeping a list of their old products around in case customers are interested in something they no longer carry. This list is more for people to sign up to receive notifications in case those products are thrown back into the mix. I admire companies that do that. They know that their customers will have their favorites and want them back from time to time.

This company is perfect for home roasters. Their selection of unroasted beans outnumbers their roasted options by quite a bit. They also have roasting machines for people with roasting aspirations that don’t have the right equipment yet. I have always wanted to try my hand at roasting my own beans. I’m sure that I wouldn’t be able to do it as well as The Captain’s Coffee, but it’s worth a try. With the right beans, I think that I would have a shot at producing something at least halfway decent.

Don’t think that The Captain’s Coffee is merely an outpost for the home roaster in all of us. They’re so much more than that. While it’s great to have an option to buy beans from all over the world, you have to pay attention to how that company grinds their beans. You don’t want to put all your trust in a company that claims to know everything about roasting that is disastrous at roasting themselves. If you’re looking for a company that puts considerable care into every aspect of their business, you should look no further than this one.

I would love to know more about The Captain’s Coffee. They sent me some coffee. I enjoyed it. I don’t want to leave it at that. We all come across people in our life who are interesting from the get go. For whatever reason, the first interaction didn’t lead to much more than that. This leaves you in a bind wondering what might have been and what you would have learned had you interacted with them more. That’s where I’m at with The Captain’s Coffee. They showed me a side of them. I was interested. I want to know more.

I am fully willing to write more about this company if they give me a full perspective of what they’re all about.


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