Bean Box Review

I like coffee companies that go out of their way to provide their customers with a good mix of products on an ongoing monthly basis. I realize that so many coffee businesses have subscription services where their customers are able to establish standing orders that are sent out at certain intervals. I am not talking about that kind of service. Bean Box is on the forefront of coffee subscription services, delivering high quality coffees from some of the best roasters this country has to offer.

Let me be the first to tell you that coffee people aren’t always the friendliest. Some of them want to be your best friend while others don’t want anything to do with you without you having to do anything. You have to be careful when you dip your foot into these waters. They’re not for the faint of heart or the weary of spirit. Coffee people are some of the most passionate individuals you will ever come across. As such, they demand that the individuals they interact with share the same passion or they deem the reaction of little interest to them.

I appreciate Bean Box for the simple fact that they introduced me to coffee providers I had attempted to contact in the past with no luck. I liked what I received; however, I felt like the quantities left a lot to be desired. This service is more for a casual coffee drinker. Someone who drinks coffee, but not enough to warrant purchasing it in massive quantities. I admire services that give the casual drinker what they want. The coffee industry as a whole has a tendency to either pander to casual coffee drinkers or leave them on the outside looking in. It’s very rare that a company hits the sweet spot in the middle where they succeed in fulfilling every need of the casual crowd.

I plan to inquire about other coffee subscription services to see if they’re capable to standing up to the excellence of Bean Box. I would like to think that they reign supreme in this category. I don’t know if I can maintain that stance if I were to try everything else that’s out there. I have a feeling that Bean Box will stay great regardless of how many other services I try. I suggest that you sign up for them if you want a quick way to broaden your coffee horizons.


One thought on “Bean Box Review

  1. Really appreciate the kind words, Allen. We know the whole ‘coffee people’ stigma and are trying to make a high quality / artisan product accessible without the snobbery. I do want to let you and your readers know Bean Box offers full bag subscription plans delivered: monthly, every other week, and weekly. The sampler experience is a great way to discover what you love and enjoy the variety our community of 25 artisan roaster deliver. However, Bean Box can keep your pantry filled with fresh coffee throughout the month. Your readers can view our different plans here:

    Thanks again and we’d be honored to share more great coffees with you.
    Co-Founder, Bean Box


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