Valerio Coffee Roasters Review

For some reason, the coffee from Valerio Coffee Roasters reminded me a lot of what I tried from Dillanos. Perhaps it has something to do with the similarities in their logos. I don’t know. The last thing I want to do is put the idea out there that Valerio is somehow a derivative coffee brand. On the contrary, they’re a potential heavy hitter that came out of nowhere for me. With all the coffee brands out there, it’s impossible for me to know what each brand is about before I talk to them.

A lot of the time all I get to see from a coffee company is what they post on their website. The website for Valerio is simple, yet engaging. I was disappointed that they didn’t offer merchandise of some kind. They did send me a scoop, which is great, but I’m more inclined to enjoy a shirt or mug. That’s just me. I jump at the opportunity to represent companies whose products I enjoy. When I’m not given this opportunity, I feel like all I am left with is my words. Say what you will about my writing. It will never last as long as a more permanent physical reminder.

The price of Valerio’s coffee is neither high nor low. It’s exactly what you would expect from a quality coffee purveyor. I appreciate the fact that Valerio sticks with offering one pound of each of their types of coffee. Their competitors have a tendency to offer either 8 or 12 ounces. I have nothing against 12 ounce bags of coffee; however, I fail to understand why the marketplace is crowded with both 12 ounce and 1 pound options. You buy your unroasted coffee by the pound. Why can’t you buy all your roasted coffee in the same quantities?

I can’t help but applaud companies that raise good coffee to an art form. I entered into this project because so many companies were taking care of themselves and giving me terrible cups of coffee. I couldn’t take it anymore. I get happier and happier every time I come across a company like Valerio. They take my already rock solid faith in the coffee industry and make it that much more rigid. I will definitely write about them again. I hope they will find it in their heart to see me as one of their coffee friends. I think we could do great things.


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