Revisiting Death Wish Coffee Company 

I used to love coffee from Death Wish Coffee Company, but I don’t anymore. It’s not because their product has gone down in any way in terms of quality. I’m sure it’s great and their customers are loving it. I don’t like Death Wish’s coffee anymore because I feel like they have lost their edge. They used to be approachable and super friendly whenever I used to contact them. That was before I decided that it wasn’t worth it anymore.

I will never say that a company deserves a black mark because they wouldn’t bend over backwards when I contacted them. I’m not that egotistical. I love it whenever companies decide to write me back. I’m a small fish in the world of coffee bloggers. For them to take a few moments out of their busy schedule is awesome.

That being said, I will not tolerate being disrespected or ignored. You don’t have to bow down and kiss my feet. At the same time, you should not treat me like a child who has asked the same question for the hundredth time. It takes a few seconds to write a decent email. Perhaps a few more to engage in a decent, friendly conversation.

I wrote another version of this same blog. I decided to write this one because the thought popped up again. I think about Death Wish often because I enjoyed the relationship I thought we had. I was a huge cheerleader of theirs to the detriment of my coverage of other companies. I ate, slept, and breathed their brand. I wrote piece of content after piece of content, even when they started to ignore me.

I think the biggest undoing came when they started their brand ambassador program. This program came long after I had started rooting their horn. I thought I was I shoe in for it. I labored for hours writing a series of pieces for their consideration. I thought they were great. Their marketing person thought differently.

The marketing rep over at Death Wish rejected all my content without much feedback telling me why. I tweaked everything and they still shot it down. From that moment on, I failed to see the point. My dreams of working for them and seeing my content on their website were shattered. Unless I’m proven wrong, I see no reason why someone who takes the same path I did would see any other result.


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