The Preacher and His Wife Gourmet Coffee Roastery Review

The Preacher and His Wife Gourmet Coffee Roastery is a tremendous producer of high quality coffee.

I’ve mulled over the right words to say about them. I’ve written and rewritten this review more times than I can count. I don’t publish anything unless I’m 100% in love with it. I knew from the moment I held their golden bags of greatness that I had to do this right. Granted, my pursuit of perfection lead to some delays in production. I would rather have a delayed review than a review that speaks about the company in question in terms that are not glowing or sincere enough.

I feel like the greatness I was able to sample from The Preacher and His Wife only scratched the surface of its overall wonderfulness. That doesn’t mean that they held something back from me. They showed me a lot of what they’re all about. I recognize their dedication to quality both in their products and how they interact with their customers. I don’t want the last word in this review to be the end of my interactions with them.

I have a hard time remembering the last time I was able to try some of their coffee. Really the day and time or how much I drank is irrelevant. A type of coffee is only as good as its staying power. The Preacher and His Wife makes coffee that sticks with you. It’ll be something that you think about long after your cup is empty.

Once I’m done with this review, I will start a search to see if I misplaced a bag of their beans somewhere. I’m hoping that I unearth one of their bags of goodness and am able to relive the experiences I had when their package first arrived. If my efforts prove unsuccessful, I will have the memories of those days gone by to get me through.

As a coffee blogger, it’s pretty safe to assume that coffee is a big thing for me. I live and breathe the stuff. That being said, I have high standards for what I consider quality coffee. The Preacher and His Wife exceeds every expectation I have or would hope to have.

The beauty of coffee from The Preacher and His Wife is that it’s affordable. Other companies might try to gouge you. Not The Preacher and His Wife. They’re here to take care of you.


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