Hugo Coffee Roasters Review

Hugo Coffee Roasters is another one of those around my way coffee companies I’ve come to appreciate. My interactions with them were twofold.

I first reached out to them about paying them a visit at their coffee shop. That was a dumb idea on my part. Circumstances in my life do not allow for me to break away for much of anything, let alone a lengthy visit to a coffee shop. This oversight was regrettable.

Some time passed before I wrote to Hugo again, suggesting that we perhaps go with a more traditional arrangement. They obliged and sent me out a package of their best blends. The one mistake they did make was to grind most of the coffee. I breezed through their coffee like it was a case of Dasani.

Another thing they threw into their package was a coffee cup. I love this mug. Unfortunately it was dropped and chipped shortly after I got it. I panicked when I heard what happened. The chip was small and the cup is still awesome.

There’s something about coffee merchandise that I love. It gives you a chance to represent good coffee long after you have downed the last cup. Hugo does a particularly good job of it. I can’t take advantage of their baseball hat however. I was blessed with a skull that made it impossible to wear such things.

Park City is a wonderful town. I have been there many times. For some reason I have never equated them with good coffee. After trying the coffee from Hugo, I need to revisit that notion.

More people need to think about Utah as a major player in the coffee scene. In a state where religion reigns supreme, especially a religion that forbids the consumption of coffee, it’s difficult to think about Utah in anything other than those terms.

It’s wrong of me to not go to the headquarters of Hugo Coffee Roasters. If they will have me, I will remedy this situation in the near future.

Until then, I want to put a word out to the people who visit the utopia in the mountains known as Park City. Don’t waste your money at Starbucks. They won’t take care of you like Hugo Coffee Roasters will.

Plus, does Starbucks have a dog splashed all over everything? No they do not. Dogs are as adorable as the coffee from Hugo Coffee Roasters is delicious. Get yourself some!


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