Black Rifle Coffee Company Review

Make no mistake about it. Black Rifle Coffee Company is an organization I’ve courted for quite some time. It wasn’t just because they are located in my home state of Utah. It was because they seemed to produce coffee with attitude. This jived well with me because I feel like I’m a writer with attitude.

When I find an organization I’m interested in, I have a way of being persistent in my pursuit. I messaged Black Rifle Coffee Company beyond the point most people would think was reasonable. I got a few tepid responses in return. Nothing special. !But it wasn’t nothing.

I decided to stay away from them for a time in the interest of not angering them. Periodically I would check back in to see if they were interested. The result was usually the same. I would either get a polite no or get nothing in return. Again, I’m completely fine with that result.

I wrote them back one last time, resigning myself to the fact that my love for them would remain unrequited. This time I was mistaken. They wrote back to me to say that they would send me a package. This was one of the most thrilling days imaginable.

I waited impatiently for their package to arrive. When it did, it was exactly like I had envisioned. All black packages with gun names and pictures of guns on the front. Oh happy day indeed.

I had a feeling that the way they presented themselves would carry over into how their coffee tasted and smelled. I was right. The bold smell of their blends greeted me when I opened the box. I couldn’t get enough.

Do you ever come across something that’s so good that it becomes an obsession for you?

That’s how this coffee was for me. Usually I bounce around to this coffee or that coffee. That didn’t happen with this coffee.

Black Rifle Coffee Company doesn’t only make a good Utah coffee. They make a good coffee period. I ran out of their stuff a long time ago and that makes me sad. I could go for a cup or 12 right now.

Since I’m no longer able to drink their stuff, I encourage you to get on that. Pick up a bag or shirt. Hey, Black Rifle Coffee Company, do you need my measurements? I’m here if you need me my friends!


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