Why I’m Ditching Blogspot

I have struggled mightily recently to produce content due to the unreliable nature of my laptop. I find myself using my phone more and more.

One thing I noticed about Blogspot and Apple devices is that they’re not compatible. Blogspot users are forced to upload their content manually through a completely not user friendly or mobile optimized website.

Blogspot used to have an iOS app and it was fine. Nothing to write home about, but it got the job done. Before long the app started to crash. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Come to find out the app was no longer in the marketplace. Rather than tweaking a few things and releasing something better, they just pulled it off the market.

Where does that leave mobile Blogspot users? Nowhere. We’re obligated to pay for other apps when all other major blogging services have free options for their users. Therefore, I’m making the decision to jump ship starting today. All future content will be posted on this blog. I know it’s not much for now, but soon you will enjoy it.


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