Junkies Coffee Co. Review

Although Junkies Coffee Co. doesn’t have a plentiful product line, I feel like they’re still a noteworthy company that deserves your consideration. When it comes to what they sell, things aren’t what they seem. Instead of having a full stock of many different types of coffee complete with creative names and fancy packaging, they have a choice where you can customize your chosen bag of beans from start to finish. You have the ability to pick what roast you want as well as the flavor that’s infused into it. Once you’re done, you can throw a name on the bag to add that extra personal touch.

If developing your own beams isn’t your cup of tea (no pun intended), Junkies Coffee Co. also carries an Urban Roast, which is akin to a regular House Blend. You might think referring to a type of coffee as regular is an insult. On the contrary, from time to time, you will want to go back to basics. There’s so much great coffee out there that it’s easy to get lost and have a hard time seeing the forest through the trees. Junkies Coffee’s Urban Roast is bold and it’s difficult to not want more of it when you start drinking.

I look forward to when Junkies Coffee Co. adds additional options to their customizable coffee product. I love it when companies put all the decision making into the hands of their customers. I have no problem with other companies who work to provide a well-rounded lineup of products. I get the appeal of not having to think about what goes into the coffee you’re ordering. Many coffee drinkers want their coffee and care very little about the schematics of what went on to create it. The people who like the norm should think about the benefits of having more control over this arrangement.

The average coffee consumer might not want to go through all the trouble of customizing their coffee, but really they should. With a process as simple as what Junkies Coffee brings to the table, you can’t go wrong. It’s to like you have to experience the coffee equivalent of putting together a piece of IKEA furniture. The wonderful people who work for this organization are there to take care of you. That’s really the most important thing for people who are looking for a coffee company. The warm potion in your mug is like a hug when it’s produced by a company that puts love into every bean. Junkies Coffee does that and more.

Buon Giorno Coffee Review

Buon Giorno Coffee knows how to make a wonderful cup of coffee. Normally, I am able to develop some sort of idea of what a company is about from how they present themselves to the public. I was never able to get any sort of clue of what this company had to bring to the table. I could tell that they made a good cup of coffee based on the information I could get my hands on. Writing to them to establish some sort of relationship was a no brainer. The resulting correspondence was as friendly as the product I received was impressive.

In order for a coffee to have a lasting impression on me, I need to be able to incorporate it into my life. I can’t sample it in the frivolous style of cupping or by putting a little bit of it in my mouth and spitting it out. I disagree with these methods because they present an aloof idea of how coffee is consumed. I never understand why coffee reviews can’t just drink the stuff. Approaching this activity any other way makes replicating a reviewer’s result practically impossible. There’s no reason why a reviewer whose intention is to address all coffee drinkers should anything other than tell the truth about what they’re reviewing.

I think Buon Giorno Coffee needs to be bolder in how it presents itself to the world. The quality of their product would back up any claims that they might make. I enjoy working with these companies because they have a relatable quality to them. While their corporate counterparts are not approachable in the slightest, they have a keen awareness of the importance of staying humble. You can learn a lot from organizations that want nothing more than to give their customers a quality experience while also remaining accessible.

You will have a hard time dipping your toes into the specialty coffee market and come out the other end with your wallet intact. Buon Giorno Coffee serves as a welcome departure from all the other companies that gouge their customers. Their line of products is exceptional from the first item to the last. You could pick any one of them out of the lineup and get something that you will truly enjoy. Companies that provide value priced coffee usually give their customers what they pay for. In the case of Buon Giorno Coffee, each consumer’s investment is worth its weight in gold.

Harney & Sons Review

If tea from Harney & Sons Fine Teas were a car, it would one of those elegant, solid as a rock rides from times gone by.

Those of you who think that tea is just tea and everyone produces it the same way need to open their minds to what true artistry is all about.

To say that tea from Harney & Sons is excellent is an understatement. They put so much time into their products that the greatness of what they put forth should not be questioned.

I’ve often railed against the ill advised decision to purchase pennies on the dollar swill from the resident corporate juggernaut presiding over an industry. This is no exception.

I realize that you can get tea for pennies on the dollar. I recognize that household budgets aren’t what they used to be. At the same time, I implore you to get tea from a company that cares about you. If you think that the corporations care about you, try getting someone on the phone at their headquarters. Good luck!

Harney & Sons is a cut above the rest. Their master tea craftsmen are hard at work on new blends all the time. That’s when they’re not continuing their efforts to improve what’s already in their repertoire. You can’t beat that level of dedication.

The terms that reviewers of products such as these have their limitations. That’s why I don’t use them. I believe the reader can derive more from experiential evidence than the nonsensical displays of so called experts showing off how much jargon they can pack into an article that will lose people after the first sentence.

My input comes down to the product itself and the value it has to the average consumer. In the case of Harney & Sons, their products are worth their weight in gold. Sure, they don’t have the most colorful packaging. That’s okay. The tea I tried is reminiscent of an earlier time. They have more colorful products in their inventory. I just wasn’t able to try them.

Aesthetics are irrelevant if the product is not good. The tea from Harney & Sons could be delivered in a plastic gallon bag and I would still love it.

When your faced with quality, you have to bow down in respect. Although you can’t see me right now, I assure you I’m bowing to Harney & Sons.

Well played! Hope to talk soon over tea!

Coffee by the Roast Review

Coffee from Coffee by the Roast is an experience and I didn’t even scratch the surface while I was sampling what they had to offer. To be sure, I had the opportunity to try many of their varieties, but they do something interesting that makes each bag of coffee different, even if you order the same type of coffee more than once. They customize every order to ensure that it meets the needs of the people drinking their coffee. I chose dark roast across the board because that’s my favorite roast level. I would do differently if I were to have an opportunity to try their coffee again.

I know that if I lived near Coffee by the Roast’s headquarters, they would have a hard time keeping me from coming by every day. I had some trepidation about their offerings when I first saw their selection. Other companies with similar inventories fall short because the depth of their repertoire leaves a lot to be desired. They pack their cabinets with so many different products that their supposed focus on quality becomes fractured. The variety they claim to offer their customers is nothing more than an illusion they use to get additional attention.

That’s not something people will have to worry about with Coffee by the Roast. Their dedication to quality is strong. You could order every product they offer and get a truckload of wonderful coffee beans. I came to this company with an ambitious vision. Not only did they deliver on what I requested. They did so in a way that made it seem like they were my friends, even though we had just met. I know that they will take the same high level of consideration and apply it to you or whoever decides to order their coffee.

As I end this review, I’m filled with a familiar sensation of dread. This feeling comes over me whenever I review companies I love. I have no doubt that I will revisit Coffee by the Roast at some point in the future. Their coffee has stuck prominently in my mind, even though it’s no longer a fixture in my cupboards because I ran out. Who knows. Perhaps there’s a bag or two lying around here somewhere. The experience I’ve had drinking their coffee makes the effort I’ll put in to search for it that much more worth it. Wish me luck.

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC AGAIN

Fresh Roasted Coffee is a company I like to revisit from time to time. During my first interaction with them, things kind of went off the rails. They sent me some of their best and boldest. I took longer to review their products than I probably should have. I finally produced something about which I was happy. I sent it to them because I felt like they were owed that consideration. I received no reply, making me think that was the end of that chapter. Shortly after that time, I stopped writing about coffee; however, I never stopped trying to make amends with them.

Upon restarting my journey into the world of coffee, I wrote another article detailing what had transpired. I published the new article along with the original review, which had gone unpublished since it’s completion. I wrote to Fresh Roasted Coffee in the hopes that this overt gesture would make a difference. It didn’t. After additional attempts to make contact, I got on the phone and decided it was time to call them. I normally don’t contact companies this way. I made an exception here because I wanted to have more of this company in my life.

The conversation that transpired was awkward, but not entirely unpleasant. The individual I spoke to remembered me. His memories were not positive. I outlined the misunderstanding that was afoot. It seemed like they were coming over to my side. We ended the conversation on an amicable note. They said that they would think about working with me further. I emailed them links to my post as promised. I received no reply. I made no subsequent attempts to contact them via email or otherwise. I still can’t help but feel like there’s some unfinished business here.

I’m a person who likes to write about a topic until there’s nothing left to say. This is one of those topics. I want to cover every company comprehensively. I recognize the companies that are evolving with each passing day. I want to be part of their evolution. My content reflects what a company is doing during the time in which it’s written. It loses its relevance as time goes on. I do my best to write the most timely content possible. In doing so, I unconsciously embed it with an expiration date. My review of Fresh Roasted Coffee has expired. I want to write a new one.

Weight Loss Coffee: The Other Coffee Pyramid Scheme

A lot of people want to lose weight, but they don’t want to put in the work needed to reach their goal. They have a number in mind and want to get to it immediately. This impatience and the traumatic nature of being overweight for an extended period creates a crop of opportunists who are eager to prey on people who desperately want to be thin. You would think that the coffee industry would be free of these vultures. You would be wrong. There’s a thriving pyramid scheme like Organo Gold that centers on selling slim quick varieties of coffee.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill for losing weight. The solution is simple though. You just need to eat less and move around more. If eating less isn’t your thing, you have to move around enough to counteract what you’re consuming. The problem with this is that exercising is hard and it’s so much easier to gain weight than it is to lose it. This is where the opportunists come in. They present a product that seems to be too good to be true (because it is). We want to lose weight so bad that we take the bait.

Before you choose a product, whether it’s coffee or anything else, you need to do your research. Never take anyone at their word, especially if they’re making their claims on the internet. As the consumer, you have the power. Your decision to purchase or avoid a product will determine its continued existence. Granted, there are some products that are not as easily swayed by the whims of an individual. If enough people express their disgust, the winds of change start roaring. All it takes is for one person to stand up and say they’ve had enough. Perhaps that person is you.

You don’t have to tolerate a company that says you will lose weight just because you drink their product. Don’t be so desperate that you’re willing to fall for anything. Being overweight is hard. You can’t lose your nerve though. Funding the swindlers responsible for producing this nonsense will only lead to more bogus products winding up in the marketplace. That’s the last thing we need.

When you come across a company that says their coffee will make you lose weight, run as fast as you can. You are better off going with the new, innovative solution of diet and exercise.

Facebook Needs to Fix Itself

Facebook needs to do more to separate permanently closed businesses from the search results you get when you look for certain companies. Any time a user searches for a business they should only get the most relevant results. Why would they want to contact a business that has been closed for a long time? The ineffective nature of the Places search engine on Facebook makes me think that Facebook doesn’t want you to find businesses on their platform. I can see no other reason why Facebook would they go out of their way to deliver such an ineffective mechanism to the public.

I’m left completely stunned by companies that have all the expertise and financial resources in the world and still produce a product that’s a disaster. The popularity of a product is no excuse for its awe inspiring lack of quality. Saying that if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t use it is a foolish notion. When you’re dealing with a product that has such a monopoly over the marketplace, you have no choice but to use it. People are slowly falling away from Facebook, choosing to go with other resources or simply take the hit and not find a replacement.

Not enough people have left Facebook to make leaving it once and for all a worthwhile conclusion. We should not let our service providers get away with such blatant incompetence. We should bang on their doors until they make the changes needed to make using their product enjoyable. A company should not be able to use their size and prominence as a means to excuse their disregard for the quality of their product. Every organization should act no differently than they did when they first opened their doors. Losing sight of this perspective should be seen as a sign of a company’s upcoming obsolescence, not a permitted part of their life cycle.

I would love it if I could depend on Google as a means to locate the companies I’m trying to find. I have had some luck with this approach; however, the businesses are not stored into convenient categories. I am forced to bring them to the surface. This fact seems like a point about which I should not complain because of its low level of difficulty. In reality, searching for businesses is something that should be made simpler and more efficient rather than turned into a convoluted mess.

Organo Gold: Coffee’s Foremost Pyramid Scheme

In my travels, I have come around Organo Gold quite often. I once contacted someone who was attached to this brand and they sent me the smallest sample I have ever seen in my life. This isn’t me being picky either. This sample wasn’t even big enough to make a single pot of coffee, let alone big enough to adequately test. I added the sample to another set of grounds that were completely unremarkable in flavor. I could not taste the Organo Gold in any part of the process. This confused me because of the coverage this brand gets on social media.

Organo Gold is proof positive that not all publicity is good publicity. Some of the pages that have this brand attached to them are disasters in every sense of the word. They scream spam and should send people running for the hills, not towards the Buy Now button. Yet, it seems like more pages pop up with each passing day. Now the people who are tasked to sell this swill are using deceptive tactics to hide the fact that they are selling it. Normally I say that people should dig beneath the surface to find obscure coffee companies that are worth considering. This sentiment does not apply to Organo Gold.

Perhaps my experience with this brand is clouding my judgment. I always eagerly look forward to the moment when I’m proven wrong. I will reach out to the corporate side of Organo Gold, if such an entity exists, and see if they are willing to enlighten me on why I should not warn the public about what they’re doing. If I am to go off appearances alone, I would say Organo Gold is a pyramid scheme. The product itself is unremarkable; therefore, they need to resort to suspicious multilevel marketing tactics to push it on the public.

Don’t think that I’m being too harsh here either. Search for Organo Gold on Facebook. The results you will get back will look like the who’s who of spammer scammers on social media. You should never trust a company whose web presence is so fractured and nonsensical. A great coffee company needs to have a person you can contact when you have a problem. Dealing with a middleman is one of the most frustrating things imaginable. There needs to be a streamlined line of communication to eliminate these sorts of problems. The producer of your coffee should be an entity you can trust.

Caffeine Meters

The science behind what it takes to measure how much caffeine is in a drink baffles me.

Would it be possible to design a device that you could dip in your coffee like a thermometer and pull out to see how much caffeine is in your drink?

So many people are falling all over themselves to tell you how much caffeine is healthy, but there’s no way to tell how much caffeine we’re actually drinking.

Are we expected to trust drink manufacturers and the amount of caffeine they put on the label? Labeling laws are loose in many regards. The caffeine total a company puts on their labels could be a fraction of what’s actually in their products.

We the consumers need to have the option to measure our caffeine intake on our own.

Imagine that you looked at how much caffeine was in your drink only to find out that the real total was lethal. You don’t hear about people dying from drinking caffeinated beverages as much as you might expect; however, you have to consider that it’s difficult to determine how much caffeine is in someone’s system. A person could easily die from drinking too much caffeine and not tell people how much they had consumed. Any individual with a habit will have a hard time admitting how bad their habit has become.

Caffeine is a drug like any other. People can become addicted to it. Those who are addicted have a high level of tolerance. They have to drink more and more to get the same sensation. As with more harmful drugs, a caffeine addict could go way too far thinking they are just getting past the barrier of their tolerance.

People who are undergoing treatment for health problems that medical professionals blame on caffeine consumption should have the option to lower their caffeine levels rather than being forced to abstain from caffeine entirely.

Kicking a problem cold turkey is not recommended regardless of the problem you’re trying to kick. You have to ween yourself off before you get rid of the problem once and for all. This is easier said than done for people who’s problem is measured so imprecisely.

If we want to deem caffeine a serious problem, we need to understand it better. We need to put it through its paces and determine, once and for all, if it’s bad for you or completely harmless.

Silent Coffee Grinder

Is it possible to make a silent coffee grinder?

My coffee grinder makes all sorts of noise. I can’t grind coffee unless it’s in the daytime. When I do grind, I can only grind a bag or two a day. What’s the solution near?

I believe the main problem centers around the housing for the grinding mechanism. This housing is insufficient when it comes to blocking out all of the noises that come with grinding. Replacing this housing with a soundproof version would take the dream of a silent coffee grinder and turn it into a reality.

I don’t understand why coffee grinders have to be so open. There’s no reason in my mind for a person to have to see all the inner workings of their grinder. I believe a solution would be to install a receptacle for the beans that could be closed and sealed from the outside. Current grinders expose the beans to the open air for no other reason than aesthetic beauty. Beans could just as easily be stored on the inside of the grinder.

I would love to start a Kickstarter campaign to make silent coffee grinders a reality. Considerable research would have to be done before any effort to be made to introduce this concept to the public. I’m interested in discussing this idea with companies that are currently in the business of manufacturing coffee grinders.

What purpose would a silent coffee grinder serve exactly? A silent coffee grinder would make it possible for people to grind coffee at all hours of the day. No longer will they have to worry about the deafening sounds of grinding. Their family members would be more OK with their coffee drinking if they didn’t have to deal with all the noise.

The fact that coffee beans more resemble rocks than something that could be ground work quietly doesn’t help matters. I am not about to operate under the delusion that we could somehow make coffee beans softer. That’s not the solution to the problem we should be looking for. Instead, we need to take a look at how we grind coffee and come up with a way to do it better. We can’t sit back and say “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Engineering a silent coffee grinder is not akin to finding a solution to a problem. It’s taking something that’s great and making it even greater.