Welcome to The Coffee Encyclopedia

Coffee is more to me than just a drink, which is why I decided to start this project in 2013. The project you’re looking at right now is the second iteration of my original vision. I had a blog by the same name over at Blogspot, but I began to become disenchanted with what they had to offer. I am veering away from laptops and desktops and doing more content creating on mobile devices. Blogspot had a mobile app for a while. Out of nowhere it stopped working and then it disappeared from the app store. I grew tired of having to go through the arduous process of creating my content in one place and transferring it to another place to be uploaded, so I switched over to WordPress, a service that has one of the best apps in the business.

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I have learned a lot during the course of this project. For this reason, I feel like it’s still a work in progress. I want to explore every aspect of coffee, even if it seems like it’s unrelated. I don’t have any pressure to always tie everything I write back to coffee. I will put out some stuff that has nothing to do with the topic whatsoever. I feel the need to express whatever is on my mind in order to focus more on the matters at hand. Unexpressed thoughts have a way of building up in my brain, throwing my ability to create content with ease in doubt. I trust that the people who are interested in the topics about which I write will follow me, even if I go out in left field.

I will promise to you that I won’t talk about religion or politics at any time. I am not going to say anything untoward about people who like to address these kinds of things. It’s difficult to imagine two topics that are more divisive than religion and politics. I will never be in the business of talking about topics that will split my audience in two. There are so many other places where you can go to get your fill of both. I suggest that you go to one of those websites if that’s what you’re looking for.

I started this project to talk about coffee. It has grown a lot since then. I moved on to add tea and chocolate to the list of topics that will be covered on this blog. The list is going to expand as time goes on. I am intent on presenting a fairly elaborate series that covers every possible aspect of Americana. Howard Johnson’s Restaurant will be a spin-off of the one-shot article series surrounding this category. I know that there are more that will come after it.

I’m a person who wants to learn everything about everything. I hate it when I do research about a topic and the information that’s available on it is sparing at best. I want to know everything. The best way I can go about doing this is to do the research and tell the story on my own. I will never claim that I’m the best writer in the world. I don’t really think that you have to meet whatever arbitrary standards are needed to claim that status in order to express yourself. As long as you’re genuine and you put forth sincere effort, I believe that you should be able to talk about anything.

A lot of writers feel like they’re above feedback, whether it’s constructive, destructive, or neutral. I am not one of those writers. You are more than welcome to send me an email at allenglines@gmail.com. While it might take me some time to reply to messages, I reply to each and every one of them. I will debate anyone and discuss improvements that have to be made with everyone. Regardless of what people might say about me, they can never say that I shied away from critics.

So, without further ado, I welcome you to The Coffee Encyclopedia. Let me know if you have any questions.